Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Naturally Selecting our Future

For some reason I have been having some worrying interest in the concept of evolution. It might be something I used to engage my mind (as I sit in my office doing a job I really hate) but at least it helps me explain some facts I am trying to gain a grip on.

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The article by Oliver Curry (a research associate in a research group in the Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, at the London School of Economics and Political Science) is a whole lot of bull and fiction. But it tends to provide some form of logic on the part of our future of our race.

In order to prevent extinction, animals have developed techniques that provide the next generation with enough protection against what they perceive as a threat to their survival. The deer learnt to run faster just as the chameleon mutated to be able to vary the colour beneath its skin pigment and the tortoise developed shells. These traits are flaunted and used by the gender to attract a mating partner. For man, the process is much more complex. And this is how I think about it.

In order to attract a higher quality mate, a common evolutionary trait we developed was the beauty in symmetry. Having this trait, it gave us the ability to point out health in potential mate.
Natural selection began and healthy genes owners mated were provided with the first right to refuse.

In time, societies became more complex thus resulting in more stringent rule to stay on top. Societal values came into play in deciding potential mates. How this was done resulted from a development where the next generation is chosen by a balance mix of parents with symmetric traits and characteristics that push up the social ladder. Example, women with hips & breast that fits into the valuation profile of that society are termed as "sexy". By birth and looks the woman has earned her looks to push her generation through time.

Since the flow of money is a socially influenced, the best genes would control the most income. In time, individual with skills relevant go up the ladder. With a good understanding of money and social skills, they become armed with what is required to secure the future of the kids unborn. Money, heritage & a good education.

We fast forward to today. The result of many decision made in the past is becoming more evident. The disparity between the rich & the poor is getting wider. With this disparity, the possibility of a genetically class of haves & have-nots is becoming more apparent.The poor are so not because they cultivated subsistence living, but as a result issues stated earlier (symmetric look or skills). This affects how they appreciate things and their value system (separation their culture from the already accepted standard). These variation could generally result in some form of mutation. Naturally, it results to the divided groups settling into either upper and lower class (based on economic factors) and presenting some tough decisions to the off-springs those "migrating" from one class to the other.

Unconsciously, the society fate in history has been natural selected to the path of extinction.

One thing I feel is common about the evolution of species is extinction. Evolution results from a range of factors. I think our extinction will result from internal discord. A system divided within itself cannot stand.

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