Friday, October 5, 2007

Begging as a profession

In traffic yesterday around TBS, I came across two ladies both should be about my age(one blind and the other just her assistance). Out of boredom, I tried to think up the wider of meaning of this.

To imagine that her friend would think it more economically viable to beg speaks a lot about the state of the Nigeria youth & the economy. The rational society would have imagined that the able would go in search of a job towards catering for self and the disable. But it appears that her economic significance would not be complete without her blind boss. This statement is not to falter her for that action; I would make that economic decision if I were in her shoes. But that doesn't mean I condole it. I don't give them money because I believe that it helps stimulate their economy and create more "job" for future prospecting "beggar".

Beggars in today's Nigeria signify a failure of the state. It expresses the collective inabilities we have in protecting the weak.

The question now is, if you don't give money to the poor who will? I think the system will in time when it realizes how much of a threat to the survival of life as we know it having beggars on how everyday streets. When we realize the threat their kids (who will see opportunities but cannot figure out how to access it) are to the economic fabric of our society, we would be left with no other choice but to figure out a way of making them work!

I fear the coming anarchy!

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