Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Loose Cannons!

It worries me when I see the boys engaging in street trading. Not only do they provide an eyesore to the already worries some look of the Nigeria street,I think they may provide more damage than reward to the our overall life experience.
I would not deny the value they add can be tremendous. Along Falomo Bridge, I always get myself some plaintain chips that has the label "pepper" on it. Those are best and are not available anywhere else even at Shoprite. One thing I know is that the survival of these dude depends on the level of fitness they maintain. The chase moving vehicles day in day out trying to collect change or seal a deal in which return could be as little as N10 per unit item sold.

From their energy, performance and accent, common sense tells me the bulk of them are originally NOT Lagosians. They move in searching for greener pastures.

Take two things into account. Potential daily return N5000, and energy expended to seal a deal. Without some spritual guidiance or directional leaders, they are human ammunitions to execute some high level robbery operations and ensure the crime culture continues for a while. As they graduate to become criminals, the may replace their former spot with boys from the village (providing another round of potential Anini.

Maybe I am thinking too much.

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trae_z said...

so you think that's the usual career progression right? interesting, i never thought of it that way...