Monday, February 11, 2008

Simply life

One thing that is similar amongst all humans, is the quest to be different
Mr C

It was fun hanging out with the fisherman on their boats some swimming distance away from the seashore. These Fanti locals have another perspective of living different from what I can envisage. They work everyday. The end of the day is spent gathering spoils and enjoying the little life has to offer. Some guy on dreadlocks sold weed on a boat. The other guys chatted about family, extramarital affairs and their business partners. A guy was in a distance having his shower and counting fishes caught at the same time. Ladies of the night came around to hang with them (these girls where shabbily dressed with wrappers and some had very dirty bras; I think in these environment that look is generally sexy). The aroma of Kente and other Ghanaian food filled the air. In normal times I would have found the smell repulsive. But this moment was spiritual; engaging with another civilization as they experienced life at it best.

[Question: How I did I get here?
Bored out of my brains in Lagos, I took a trip to Ghana on my own, as all my fake friend had other commitments (I know you guys are reading this and yes I still haven't forgiven any of you. My thoughts will come out one day). I took a trip to Ghana to explore what the whole hype is all about. From Accra I took a trip to Cape Coast. Kofi was my taxi driver who found a hotel that way alright. I hung out with him that night as my options where very limited. And that was me but the sea shore with the Fanti fishermen, enjoying our God given rights to exist]

To the people of the Fanti region, this is life. The boundaries of their existence is contained in this. Their pains joys and moments they share is all contained within the here, by the Cape Coast Castle.

It makes me reflect and think about life, its purpose and hidden meanings we have not yet figured out. The Western World (or bad copies of it, e.g. Lagos) requires high testosterones and balls for basic survivals. Fueled by a mixture of paranormal drives, "the quest", pushes our society into the rat race struggle we presently live in.
But truthfully, life demands are basic. Food, water, sex, shelter, clothing and a sense of belonging. Simple receipt for happiness.

What I wonder about is how all these excesses came into being, and their purpose in achieving basic life objectives.
We still have a long way to go.....


trae_z said...

would someday love to be in a position to steal away at will, absolutely cool!

while in Ghana did you check out the African Cup of nations?

Mr C said...

Na men. I sadly don't watch football.
Cant stand seeing other people make