Monday, February 25, 2008

Standing Tall

We stand tall because we stand on the shoulders of those that came before us
Yoruba Proverbs

I am presently working on doing a self-exploratory analysis. I am trying to point out what went into making me who I am, NOW. The steps I took involved:
  1. Creating a table with three column
  2. Thinking of everything that makes me ME and list under the heading "Individual Component"; they include my name, languages spoken, clothes you wear, music you like, food you eat, your home, relationship with your friends, your job, education, your hobbies, political deposition, sexual orientation, culture. These has been listed on the first row
  3. The 2nd column has been named the "Sense Affected". It will be a cluster of all my "Individual Components" into the senses the affect (all the five sense plus, the general act of speaking "speech", "sexual", "mood" and "orientation").
  4. The last column would now reflect the resources employed towards providing that Components that make me ME.
This is how far I have been able to go.

Individual Component
Sense Affected
Resources Employed
My name - Seyi Osinowo
The English & Yoruba Language


Grand Parents

Societal Status


Sexual Preference

Peer pressure

Access to media information

Society's concept of sexual beauty

Genetic disposition



Developing this report is quite complex due to the limited abilities of applied metrics to quantify every single aspect of the human experience. A full report will deviate from the point of this article.
Explore this; how did we get here? How am I able to communicate ideas and present these issues to you? Making sense over the internet requires a range of professional advisory from fields to include:
  1. Software engineers
  2. Computer programmers
  3. Hardware engineers
  4. Business analysts
  5. Wireless technologists
  6. Lawyers
  7. Economists
  8. Finance specialists
  9. Teachers
  10. Me (obviously)
The aspect here evaluated is the resources employed. Many people came together to make my present experience a reality. While a man sat under a tree trying to grapple the concept of gravity, another man was persecuted because he stated that the earth is round. All these combined efforts has been gathered by physical and mental systems towards defending our rights to survive within the environment we conceptualized.

As humans today, the knowledge economy is our strength. The future that is path dependent; implying that it depends on our collective effort in developing a reasonable today. All previous efforts, when effectively applied, should work at driving the senses of possible consumers towards being able to produce value that syncs with the overall objective of our the society. In other word, long term success depends on how sharp our collective senses are. More importantly, these sense should be aligned with the overall society's objective.

I strongly doubt the level of alignment and sharpness of our collective senses. Why, is a topic for another day.


goodnaijgirl said...

Gosh, you don't write entries that can be read once and immediately understood (by me, anyway!).

By understanding the factors that affect who you are today, do you plan to alter (some of) them to make you who you would like to be in the future?

Mr C said...

A clearer understanding of who I am , to that level of detail, definitely will know what I should be aiming at. It is a very powerful tool for success.
Well I don't think I will complete the task. Reasons being:
1. There are apparent rewards from doing that.
2. That concept was used to direct the reader into the importance of the knowledge economy in shaping us to who we are.

Acacia said...

'Many people came together to make my present experience a reality.' i love that, we are at the pin point of progress with the discoveries and achievements of millions of people behind us. standing, not just on the shoulders of those that came before us, but on the shoulders of giants. what will our contribution be?

Mr C said...

Thanks accacia.

Anonymous said...

i dont exist for me alone and by me alone....

Somehow for every thing i do and get involved there is a endless list of the people and things that made it happen.

So our collective "superior effort is essential to turn the society into what we desire.