Thursday, July 10, 2008

The people we don't know about.

I think I need to go out more.

The speed of the internet here is so freaking slow. (
sometimes I think it might be faster actually flying to yahoo or wherever, to get the email yourself; hardcopy that is) I have tried a couple of providers. I recently got XXX over starcomm (I am not about to reveal and do cheap publicity for the my provider; before you know it, their network is clogged and I am back to a life without the internet); a decision I have not regretted(at least for the past three weeks since I got it) .

But thats not the point of this post. Waiting for the page to load gave me time to look around for things on the screen of my laptop that could interest me; then it pops out "AVG Anti-virus Network Edition has successfully update". I tend to think I know people, but who actually knows anyone that works in a company that makes anti-virus softwares?

Day to day, I receive updates on virus definitions, malwares and some complex stuff that i don't have any interest in understanding. And I am like, the developers of these virus definition, what do they do in the office everyday?

I secretly (it is no more a secret anymore) believe that anti-virus developers, in their spare time, create the viruses themselves. But do they have staff meeting, normal office politics and stuff? What do you see on their business cards? ( "I am a virus expert"). When the anti-virus specialist, meet a virus developer, do the have physical fights (you know like police and thief), or do they laugh at all "the gentiles who have to use our softwares, hahaha"

But I do need to go out more. Hopefully, I will meet someone that actually develops viruses.

Finally, it is loading.


Anonymous said...

Mr C,

You so funny and caught seriously in this whole mess we find ourselves. I think we just concentrate on God, the things and or people that makes us happy. I have come to know that this world was made just for these imperfections USA that we all look up to has its own issue that do not bother on the basics but on the weirdest and craziest, so ma brother where can we run to. Our complians of these impercfect world would never end we shall go fm place to place , country to country wit stil somthing to complain about so ma brother try listening to music and have a drink nad forget abouut ur worries cos the guy by ur side at work has mo issues thatn u can imagine.

Ekanem said...

I tend to visualise all these tiny antiviral companies as pale sickly looking scruffy men who sit in the dark peering at their computer screens all in some really random weirdos...and as ashamed as I am to say it, I tend to picture them with some seriously FREAKY fetishes ("Freaky" for emphasis maifren! Nothing wrong with my english!!!)...sometimes dangerous paedophilia...ok ESPECIALLY paedophilia...rooms full of empty takeaway packs and cans (of soda NOT beer) and the like...I visualise them crealing viruses AND antiviruses between furious wanking sessions, spurting on their computer screens and wiping the spunk off with the sleeve of their mucky shirts...ok I really need to stop...imagination is a bad muthaSHUTYOMOUF!!!

Mr C said...

LOL.You might be either thinking too much or not far from the truth. Cant help wondering who those people are sometimes. Cos they dont seem to exist in our world.