Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What is the point?

An unexamined life is not worth living......Socrates.

No one has attained perfection yet. We are always on a quest for it. But at all point in our evolution, it is always essential to look back and critically evaluate the actions we take, the reason behind the action, and finally, how it all fits into our whole life objective goals and general direction. A clearer understanding of that is useful in enabling us know, if our directions have meaning. Accumulated knowledge of this form is wealth for the next generation.

I am still thinking about Nigeria. I look at some of our rituals daily, and I cannot help asking myself, what is the point of it all?

What is the point of our Nigeria ego? Our educational system does not produce graduates that are (on average) useful to the demands of corporate Nigeria. We train our enlightened abroad and they are of little use to the masses.

What is the point of Tinapa? We build a mini-Dubai and came up with policies that ensured it cannot function.

What is the point in Abuja Boulevard, Eko city on the Atlantic, the Lagos beautification project? People are starving, infrastructures are run down, and we barely have public supply of electricity.

What is the point of the Megabanks consolidation? They seem more interested in branches and making profit than kick starting the economic engine.

What is the point of the Nigerian stock market? Their stocks appreciate in all sectors yet the economy does not experience any noticeable change.

What is the point of the seven point agenda? Yar' Adua stated electricity was a "state of emergency" (if he had not said that, maybe the situation would have been worse).

What is the point of all these elections? We all know who is going to win anyways.

What is the point of the probes? All those investigated will be granted bail later on, the case slowly forgotten the accused are free to do whatever they want.

What is the point of the clamour for foreign investors? We already have the money (it just appears we do not know what better to do with it, that purchase houses in Bishop avenue or South Kensington, London).

What is the point of Nollywood? Most of the movies on review reflect no semblance with reality. Dialog, relationship chemistry, effective police officers

What is the point of aso-ebi in wedding? I mean, really what’s the point?

What is the point of ….….. I think I have run out of issues for now. Might as well go get some work done.


Anonymous said...

Whats the point? is one question u will nevr get an accurate answer for. As long as we have the type of rulers we do, as long as these same set of politicians exist we would continue to go thru the same cycle of madness or insanity.

trae_z said...

nice article, but what's the point of commenting when you've said it all :-).

Mr C said...
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Ekanem said...

Ok so I had to google Tinapa...what's the point of having links on a webpage if they don't bloody work????

Mr C said...
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Mr C said...

trae_z, I hope I have said it all. I think there is still more.

ekanem: U suppose ask the people that set it up. Billions down the drain for something that doesn't work