Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Career Quandary

This article (by Phyllis Moen), is a must read for anyone interested in how traditional career path templates are not aligned with the ongoing economic change.

In simple term, the present career path is "a lock-step, full-time march to a one-way, one-time retirement" based on the idea that the man is the breadwinner of the household. The pressure of the new economy requires both men and women to work hand in hand to provide for the household. 

But expectations and the way organizations are structured different. Older women are working longer in societies that are stuck in the stereotype idea that they should be homemakers (thus having higher expectations that they can deliver). The result a one size fit all career path that subjects the working force to a life vulnerable to overload and burnout, and places his/her productivity, family life, and the next generation being groom risk. 

Mind blowing analysis. Just wish Nigeria companies would start taking environment factors into consideration (like time spent in traffic, epileptic utility supply, work-life balance and the harsh social condition experience when conduction transactions) when planning the career of the staff they would employ. 

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