Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cult of Amateurs

(This title was dubbed from the book by Andrew Keen with the same name)
It is official! 

Nigeria is the safest economy to invest in. Using some ratings, the experts at Merrill Lynch have come to that conclusion. 
I take this news with mixed feeling.                                               

On the bright side, it shows that all our shrewd, trust lacking, cash & carry business principles is the way to go. Knowing we are at the fore front of this "cutting edge" management practice, we are better positioned to establish our self as a force to reckon with in the emerging new world order. 

But on another note, is this report saying that the actions by modern economies are not in tuned to what's in? Another interpretation of this article implies that the step by step, meticulous approach applied by developing countries (like Malaysia or Singapore) in making their economy a foreign direct investment attraction does not exactly do what is says on the tin. On a lighter note, if this interpretation is the way society responds to this report, then one can say that mob mentality and chaos as business strategies would be principles the London Business School of Economics must adopted as it trains the next world thinkers (Maybe they would be better trained in Nigeria).
What we are reading is stating that the responsibility of safeguarding the world's future should be left to the hands of quacks, depth-lacking policy makers & rent seeking professionals; in other words I refer to the component of our amateur managed economy. 

This world economy downturn is worst than I thought.

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