Wednesday, December 24, 2008

About You

“Speech and action… are the modes in which human beings appear to each other, not indeed as physical objects, but qua men. This appearance, are distinguished by mere bodily existence, rests on initiative, but it is an initiative from which no human being can refrain and still be human”..........“The Human Condition” Hannah Arendt

Have you ever heard a story about you? Have you ever stumbled upon people having that discussion? You will be startled as you observe the perception other people hold.

Let me first say one thing. Everybody talks. One form of entertainment we all engage in. Most actions we take spurs from that singular act as it is a primary source of individual information on what's happening. The medium of expression is a person, with a different perception of life and what it all entails. That perception, mixed with a sense of humor, style of speech, behavioral patterns, and the petty things unique to that individual (those things that he/she considers important) leaves an impression on the descriptions, the final output, the story and invariably the concept of that person called YOU .

So when someone says that story, the person being described will not be who you perceive yourself to be. And what’s amusing is another person's story might be a completely different version depending on how distant the story tellers are mentally.

Amazing isn’t it?


Vera Ezimora said...


In Personality Psychology, that's the I Data of finding out a person's personality.

And yes, it is amazing. But it's good coz sometimes we don't see certain things about us that other people see.

Mr C said...