Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lagos Na wa!

Lagos is the craziest place I have ever been to.

A video that explores the Lagos experience.
I must admit, her analysis of Lagos was thorough and unbiased but there are some two minor details that weren't quite true.
  1. Lagos definitely has a population and housing problem but people identified that live in shackles over swamp are rural poor that originate from Riverine areas. The lack of adequate housing is not the reason why those structure exist. The settlers are used to that kind of living.
  2. Environmental sanitation was not introduced 3 years ago. It has always being a form of unspoken policy as long as I can remember (was taught about it in primary school and groomed to do it throughout my life). Maybe it was re-introduced 3 years ago, but the fact remains that it has always been there.


Good Naija Girl said...

Somebody is up very late!

I'll need to take a moment to watch the video (I'm not somewhere I can watch it now).

Mr C said...

It happens to the best of us my dear. Staying up till late.

Nice video.

Youtube fanatic said...


Interesting video