Friday, September 26, 2008

A call to all Diasporans: Nigeria is changing

This post tells me something; there is still hope for Nigeria.

The normal expectation of society is that a government will develop policies and platforms upon which the business opportunities will emerge, jobs opportunities will be created, needs will be met, and everybody will live happily ever after. But when you consider that our government is one of kidney failures (I know, my what you're thinking "very funny, Mr. C" (in a sarcastic way) !!), nepotism, quick win and a baseless vison 2020, you begin to wonder, will things get better? My own opinion is our evolution will be different.Nigeria might evolve under the ideolgies of Wikinomics; mass collaboration changing everything.

The initial flow of these foreign based Nigeria (Nigeria expatriates or whatever you want to call them) will target the established institutions of commerce (banks, oil firms and telecoms companies). Presently, (in my opinion) the roles in these institutions are filled up by HR policies with 'connection' undertone and warped methods of determining remuneration. In simple term, salaries and positions are a reflection of who you know, and what or where you studied as opposed to what you can do. Obvious the industry has not developed yet to a stage where a more complex system of human capital management is required. But that evolution is on the way.

Individual response to that will be to enroll for courses they think the industries would demand for. This would make, for example, people to rush into petroleum engineering, project management, ACCA and other cliché degrees and certifications that they believe will look attractive to the employing institution.

The remuneration will start looking less attractive as the staff get promoted, the supply begin to exceed the demand for foreign trained Nigerian graduates, and employers begin to see the need to critically look at their internal onboarding & recruitment policies. Also, those employed in the established institution, who are traditional not passionate about their present role and are frustrated about their work/life balance (fueled by crazy traffic, outrageously expensive cost of goods and service and high crime rate), would start exploring self employment opportunities that would align with their self-actualization plans. This could lead to growth in other sectors of the economy and slowly changes the scheme of things when you take into account the entrepreneurial Nigerian spirit (think of the Nigerian entertainment industry, how it was (and is still being) revolutionized by the influx of adequate human capital. The industry has so far been successful in developing awareness of its existence amongst the global community, and a platform upon which those who have some form of passion for entertainment can showcase their skills. There is now the need to develop more interactive content, cause in my opinion the output on average is wack).

Even with the crisis faced, the option of moving back abroad will start losing it allure as most will have their lives completely ingrained in the Nigerian system and the thought of starting all over again will look less like a good idea. This critical mass of Nigerians educated at home and abroad engaged in legitimate sources of employment, will begin to question every policy that govern their lives and create platforms upon which they can influence things for the good of their business. They would begin to push for better public policies and transparency in government. All these could lead to more jobs, more needs met, and everyone living happily every after.

The next couple of years in going to be exciting. There will be winners and losers, successes and failures. But the fact remains, NIGERIA WILL CHANGE.

Never have I been so glad that I moved back!!!!


bumight said...

you are so echoing my thoughts. I actually just finished writing a post to this effect! Nigeria is definitely destined for change!

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr C a nice piece at that, this one if the many reasons why people should blog at all,"an instrument of change"
I habe hoped and dreamt of a better tommorow, great economy and a safe 9ja,
With what is going on in the international economy and the countries of our dreams,i have come to realise that evry country will surely suffer one thing or the other at one point or the other.
For 9ja and all other african countries it is a phase though too long a phase.
The change we seek may not come in this generation but as we continue to take the right steps in the right direction(mass collaborating) the change we come.
Thank u for a lovely post God bless you.

Mr C said...

Hello Bumlight.
Thanx for stopping by. Which of ur blogs did u write the post in cos I just went to check them out?

Mr C said...

Thanx anonymous for the nice words. I really believe Nigeria is on its way to greatness.

Vera Ezimora said...

I for one am thinking of moving back home eventually, so I hope there's a better Nigeria oh. If not, I'll be hiring Obasanjo to be my bodyguard.


your optimism is infectious!

mobs said...

we Nigerians have helped to build the economy sysytem of other countries. It worries to say that most organisations dont neccessarily see much value in our educational system so that leaves the Nigeria graduates in checck. Also the amount of money allocated to embassies and school abroad is ridiculous. Most of the abroad graduates in Nigeria then to become greedy when the salary package isnt well packed. So either way, whoever that is lucky to get into the right system of occupation must count himself lucky. We as human can never be satisfied due to the fact that life is different everyday.All the Best to US all.

Mr C said...

LOL Vera. But pls note. Baba prefers his payments in 'kind' (as he already has enough money).

Solomonsdelle, one has not other choice but to be optimistic. If you look at things based on what you see now you would be frustrated. But there is the potential, and the desire and will to change things is brewing.

Mobs, it is these skills that could be used in rebuilding Nigeria. Their initial attraction would be to the "established institutions" I spoke about in the post. As times goes by these skilled professional will migrate to sectors of the economy where they would be doing what they love doing. Areas to watch include, education, arts and literature. It is only a matter of time, my dear.

Anonymous said...

Time is the hope we have, hoping that someday(which is a type of time)e go better.........
This generation what are you doing???????
Quit talking lets work and walk the change.

Mr C said...

Well it starts with awareness anonymous 10:23 am. When we all starting thinking with one mind, then we stand a better chance of making doing something different.If you say start working the change, how do you start with coordination?
The change has already started my dear.

A'dele said...

Nice post ... change starts from within though we all as individuals need to be ready to put our all in it. Still great you did not predict a time frame wink wink!!

Mr C said...

Thanx a'dele.
No specific time can be put to it a'dele. But you can be sure it is in our lifetime. Hopefully, say the next 10 to 15 years? With the global downturn, it could be faster than we hoped for.