Friday, September 12, 2008


She studied History in university.
Bright student, I must say. Intended on studying law, but ended up with something else.
Never did I realize how important her profession was until we had that heart to heart conversation.
Historians do change the world also. They interpret the world that came before us, which helps us shape our perception of things.

Think of this; do you see facebook (and other social network sites) playing any role in communicating our ways of living to other generations? With the present trend of things, facebook will possible contain pictures of all your life experiences and expressions. It might even contain the day of death (enabled by some application an MIT nerd comes up with). The profile will be archived for public domain viewing (or maybe the deceased’s next of kin will determine how much of the profile is sharable).

We are making history.

Strange innit?


Anonymous said...

This will become electroni history material or electronic archival material.

Mr C said...