Friday, September 12, 2008

I wrote this poem.... one point in time. I wrote it to encourage myself. A message of hope, believing that as one day, we as a people will moving forward.
This nation does frustrate, but I think with persistence and the bold daring, we might make something new.

Lands are tilled with many hands,
But it is the product of vision of one,
Someone courageous enough to push forward an idea,
which becomes a spark,
then a flame,
afterward it consumes everything in this path,
till a new order is formed,
new ways and a new future. Just like a fire
I am not sure of our heritage,
but I can guess our origins,
somewhere in forest,
amongst plants and wild beast,
fertile land and a lovely weather,
the till of the land is consumed before it is ripe,
by the harvester sent to pick,
the people are relentless and say the must survive.
Our foundation made us strong,
resilience made us multiply,
giving us the seed we scattered across the earth.
Similar yet different, charming yet unattractive. But a desire to survive
No order of formation, but our place on the earth is known.
In the right season wherever we touch will be conquered
a plantation will evolve consuming what exist on our path
till the whole world see that what we fought for was a battle to stand the test of time.

This will be our way.
We are Nigerians, the children of the corn.

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