Monday, March 16, 2009

The Mating Call

“There are three things which are wonderful; the fourth which I cannot understand.
  1. The way of an eagle in the air
  2. The way of a serpent upon the rocks
  3. The way of a ship in the midst of a sea
  4. The ways of a man & his maid”
-----------------Proverb 30: 18-19

She noticed as he pass by. Pin strip suit, shirt, tie with even the scent to match. He's got it all. But she wasn't noticed. And it was not in her to make the first move.

Bisi sought for age old tactics to get his attention from her friends, as it is known that amidst the chatter and gossip, the gathering of women (usually in salons; that is possibly why they spend so much time doing their hair) contains the way. Yemi suggestion lacked substance “Just walk up to him and say you like him. Dress seductively-Let something show; he will drop after that day". Too cheap, she thought. I will speak to the elder (Her manicurist). The strategies of old had this subtle strike to it. She knew it would work.

Six month later, somewhere in Gbagada, there was Fred lying in bed next to Bisi trying to figure out what he had just done. He knows how office relationships end in scandals. And that could be his job!!

But this attraction was more than he could resist; it was like ants to sugar. This Bisi….
Fred recently joined the branch in Ketu. This was a man in his mid thirties could be classified as charismatic, a highflyer and quite well to do. He was received warmly and enjoyed the admiration and side comments even from Branch beauty queen, pretty Miss Ronke. But he stuck to his principle. At least for the first two weeks….
He was casually introduced to Bisi during his induction. He never considered her as attractive (at least from his standards and that of the bank).
He felt her stare anytime he passes by. When he looked back, she turned away. He thought it was innocent. Maybe, there was a stain or something like his tie not matching with his colour scheme, or body odour. His continual effort to redress or clean up led him deeper into the trap, by causing more stares. This seemingly innocent game of 'look' only made him gaze back for more. As days passed, Fred began to look forward to the time he could play 'look' with Bisi. He noticed her different outfits, her sway and grace. Her dimples were admirable. He began to notice what could make her attractive. This led him to ask “would she think me the same way?” His wonders lured him to spend more time around her desk carrying files (just trying to look busy) with the hope that the opportunity would arise when he can talk to her informally. She played her own part by consistently making mistakes anytime he is around with the hope that he would play ‘the knight in shinning armor’ and rescues her (which he did). At first, all effort to take her out was met with resistance.
Not until last night; all on his bill…

There is sophistication in the ways of a lady; methods that took years of nurturing to develop and handed down through generation. By these subtle gestures, body movement, women have been known to make men act without full understanding of their primary intention; taking decision that goes against their core beliefs.….

And all this starts with a mating call.


NoLimit said...

Wow!!! It is so true...there's something about being subtle...I need me some training!

Good Naija Girl said...

Some women seem to be born with this innate ability to lure men sha, a confidence that when combined with men's really startling ability to resist the female form, this is what happens.

I guess this scenario answers in a way my question about how certain couples that appear to be mismatched with respect to looks (or personality, for example a really nice and sweet guy hooked up with a woman who is really mean or rude) end up together. A little confidence can go a long way it appears (or perhaps you'd refer to what I call confidence as trickery!).

Mr C said...

LOL No Limit.
GNG:I believe it is all women that are born with that ability. The problem is that the world focuses on the obvious characteristics (like big boobs; thus those that have other innate attributes that are not out in the open are left to feel inferior.

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